I know everyone is on a high about MCR and Gerard right now, but along with the swan song behavior of highlighting Ray’s solos and Mikey lingering at the end of each show, there is Frank – the one who most wanted the band back for a long list of reasons, some of them not realistic – playing through pain as he did in Europe, but now more withdrawn.

It is all about the body language. In order, this circulating video shows Gerard has to lean way over to grab his shoulder, Frank gives a half hearted slap back, and when they bump into each other in front of the drums, he elbows Gerard. When Frank isn’t enthusiastically meeting Gerard’s attention, something is up, and it isn’t at all what fans are thinking. This happened during Danger Days, too.

The issues they had then are the same now, except they all see it coming. Mikey and Ray are accepting it. Frank, who busted his ass in the first place to make this thing something good, redemption for all of them, is not – in the long run getting none of the credit from the person he once again dragged out of a metaphorical basement and all its fatalistic fantasies.

Exactly what I’ve been thinking…Frank seems exactly like he did when we got to seen them tour for danger days…Withdrawn and different ?

grandma here, but I’m gonna cherish the remaining 4 mcr concerts I have left. I didn’t fully appreciate their previous tours…I just thought it would be forever