Argue til 3am and Never Trust Llamas started in 1996. My Placebo site Evil Dildo started in 1998. I first had the sites on GeoCities then when the sites got too large I spread it to Angelfire and also Tripod. Back then there weren’t too many fan sites online and the internet was such a wonderful place of discovery. It was during this time when I was trying to build these sites that I first got into web design.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always tried to capture special moments in time and save them forever. I wanted to document my life and the lives of others special to me — trying to save time in a bottle (thanks Jim Croce). The best way to do that was to never leave my camera at home. I took it everywhere — especially to concerts.

I came across my old websites and wanted to save what I could of them — kind of an archive of our life in the 90’s and early 2000’s. You can find various versions of our sites still on the wayback machine, but I wanted to have a version here as well. So here is ‘Argue til 3am’ and ‘Never Trust Llamas’ from that time period.

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