Dear Scott Gimple, AMC and your weak ass ratings ploy.

I’m not upset because it’s a cliffhanger. I’m not upset because I don’t know who got Lucilled. I’m upset that because you crave ratings so bad that you ruined the continuity of one of the most iconic moments in TWD franchise. You money hungry bastards are so worried about getting your numbers for the premiere of Season 7 that you have alienated your hardcore fanbase. Followers of the comics, purchasers of your merchandise.  Are General Audience Yahoos that don’t buy your calendars and mugs anyway more important than US, the people who wear your t-shirts, and drink from your Daryl tumblrs? No. the numbers are more important. So you can keep your advertisers. The money so suits can fly in and stay in an air-conditioned tent for five minutes, The same suits that won’t break a sweat by staying on set and seeing how hard the actors and crew work.  The ones you won’t pay worth a fuck. I truly hope Frank Darabont sucks every penny out of your “corporation” in his lawsuit. Go sit on Lucille. I’m done. 

Hey gimple