“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” – MLK jr.

You can not force me to put something into my body that I refuse. I have had to consult lawyers and right now I’m fighting to keep my job. Not even my church has a backbone and will stand up against this (that’s a whole other story I will have to tell you.)

The government is saying that if you take this shot, you can go back to normal, travel, keep your job. If not, everything will be taken from you. If that’s not a threat I don’t know what is. This is wrong – plain and simple.

You can threaten me all you want – try to take away my job and make me seem evil and ban me from travel and from the public, but someday people will wake up and see you are the ones who are wrong. Evil.

I will not comply. I will go down fighting. And the people who do nothing and stay silent — I have no respect for you at all.