Just a bit of our lives….really nice chatting with Reesie on her channel @notjustcoffee

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Who we are and what Reese will be talking about in future episodes @notjustcoffee
02:10 – Toasting to our first time chatting together with one of Reesie’s favorite whiskeys and sharing our different personalities as perspectives.
03:00 – Are we golden girls?
04:00 – When we travel…our latest experience.
12:10 – Romantic dinner on the beach
15:42 – Our next concerts seeing The Killers and more soon.
17:38 – Our cat stepped on our computer and messed it up lol
18:00 – Talking about why we started the podcast and who we enjoy listening to as well.
22:00 – The bathroom crack and saying goodbye till next time.