My life in photos – photos are from my iphone from 2009 – 2012.  I’ve had this for awhile but never really finished it.  Just decided to post it anyway or I never would!

My adventures at comic con 2009 in San Diego getting to meet Leonard Nimoy, all the guys from The Mighty Boosh, the crack fox, John Barrowman, seeing The Umbrella Academy panel, Gerard Way, David Tennant, The Doctor Who panel.

Protesting at different animal rights and political events, traveling around Texas seeing the Old 97’s, rescuing kitties, starting a sci-fi group, going Apple Inc and seeing Steve Jobs, finally making it to Burning Man, Colorado, SXSW, My Chemical Romance, New Jersey, more kitties!, more Las Vegas and Beatles birthdays 🙂

Music is Flesh & Bone from the absolutely amazing band – The Killers!