Hhmmm… For those of us who don’t speak Italian ‘Frocio’ means fag**t… This has been graffitied across several Mika posters in Florence and instead of ignoring it, Mika has decided to make the photo his twitter header and profile. It doesn’t only speaks volumes about Mika as a person but also about issues we still have as a society. Not only in Italy is homophobia still a huge problem. We often think that these things are behind us and people are accepting towards everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender etc. It may hurt Mika but realistically he won’t suffer on the long term because we all know he is stronger than that and the fact that he has gone public also shows that he is not afraid of these bigots. However, there are many young LGBT+ people for whom this is a dangerous reality and something they experience in their everyday lives. Please stand with Mika using #rompiamoilsilenzio (break the silence) after all, as he says on twitter “Love does what it wants”