Let me tell you, the wild ride I’ve been on this year with emo music has been fuckin insane.

So I start listing to emo/punk stuff, yknow like Green Day, MCR, FOB, P!aTD, all that jazz. Then I become hyper obsessed with the Danger Days storyline then I start caring more about MCR specifically and then I start digging into emo lore and THEN I realize that 9/11 caused Gerard Way to create MCR and Twilight was a MCR fa fiction and 50 Shades was a Twilight fan fiction so 9/11 caused 50 Shades of Gray.

So I’m recovering from the emotional fuckin whiplash (because I learned this all in the span of like a week) and THEN I start watching concerts and I see GERARD WAY PRACTICALLY GETTING FUCKED BY THE BANDS RYTHMIC GUITARIST ON STAGE DAMMIT and I’m like what the actual shit are they a couple? And THEN I find out that they aren’t but they just like to dry hump each other on stage???????

Do you really expect me to believe this is just two bros hanging out???? Just guys being dudes???? Good buddy pals????? Heterosexual best friends???

Like, I’m all for platonic male friendships that are more touchy than society’s bullshit standards for manliness will exept,by all means, kiss your bros goodnight. But if your are going to heterosexualy FUCK YOUR FRIENDS FACE could you PLEASE do that in private.

And THEN i start learning about all the petekey summer of like stuff and I read that MIKEY WAY was PETE WENTZ’ BOYFRIEND????? AND AMERICAN BEUITY/PHYCO WAS ALMOST ALLABOUT HIM????????? AND THEN THE “I’m sorry every song is about you” thing happeneddd?????

This post makes me sound like I’m really baffled, I’m not. I’m moreso impressed. Like, I would watch this weird horny gay soap opera. I also find all of this INCREDIBLY hilarious. This is the funniest shit.

So anyway that was my ramble, if you didn’t know all of this, now you know!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

It’s so awesome when you see new fans…I just wanna give them all a big hug and welcome them into this insane world