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Rob Thomas

Rob on lasers at concerts:”Those lasers scare the f*ckin’ sh*t out of me!”~~thanks to saxxygirl8 for this quote

Rob on his looks: “I only worry about my looks when we shoot videos because those stay around for so long.”

Rob on looks again:”It’s okay to look like an idiot from day to day, but I don’t want to be remembered like one forever!”

Rob on his flaws:”I wouldn’t change anything, even though I’m a short guy [5’9″] with big shoulders, so I’ll never have that tall, lean look. Everybody teases me because I have a little potbelly, but I don’t really care. ” (even his chipped front tooth works to his advantage) “It adds character, right?”

Rob on vanity:”Clothing is the extent of my vanity. I love nice clothes. I just could never afford them before. You know-a brooding, angst-ridden and misunderstood musician. Dark colors fit the profile better.”

Rob on guys:”You meet alot of guys,like i met this guy who wanted me to pose naked for a mens magazine,and some other guy who pulls over,and im like the farthest,farthest,farthest thing from homophobic,i mean im border line bitch.But i get in the car,close the door,put my bag behind the seat, Its a truck, we pull off,I look in the back and see some golf clubs, and i say “do you play golf”he looks over he’s like 65 and he goes ‘listen son’exact words i’ll never forget them, I’m a gay person do you mind if we pull over here and i suck ya? I was like a……… no! so you dont mind? he says! i was like a……. no ! i just apreciate the ride !and he was like well how about if i just touch ya!? and he reaches over and starts grabbin for my package,and we were doing like 70 and i grab the gear shift,the truck starts rattlin,stops, and i get out! im like kicking the truck,i was like 17 or 18.”It was fucked up!! !”
then adam says”thats when rob started hating golf,rob says “that isnt true! my personal moral is: be wary of dudes in trucks carrying golf clubs.”
~~that’s to nikki for this great quote

Rob on his hidden talent:”I’m a good cook. That’s my only other bankable skill except performing. I can cook Italian, I can cook French, I can cook just about anything.”

Rob on the band:”We’re not a very good band, but we try…and we’re spunky dressers!”

What Rob says when he’s driving a pimping convertible:”Let’s get some crack and hos right now.”

Rob on himself: “I’m seconds away from being this loser that never got a job and sat around writing songs.”

Rob on living with his grandmother who ran the town’s social hub and sold bootlegged liquor:”Every now and then she’d have to run somebody off with a gun…it was a weird way to grow up.”

Rob on his mom’s cancer and appreciating family:”I try to be more involved with family now, ’cause there was that whole time where my family was kind of f**ked. When I was like 12, mom had cancer, so I spent a lot of time taking care of her, and they gave her six months to live. But seven years later and she’s still alive. That taught me what I wouldn’t have if she ain’t around, so now me and my family get along and I’m trying to capitalize on that as much as I can.”

Rob on dealing with his mom’s cancer:”By the time she had gone into remission, i was just dying. I tried to stay there, but we just weren’t getting along. So I took off.”

Rob on Rob:”Music saved me long before Matchbox 20, it was the thing that made Rob, Rob: a defining quality that said maybe I wasn’t such a f**k up after all.”

Rob on the growing pressures of rock fame:”I have enough to keep me humble and laughing at my own situation. I look at it like a satire. There’s a humor in this business. You just have to find it.”

Rob on cars and the perfect woman:”I know nothin’ about ’em. In fact, my criterion for the perfect woman is that she has to be able to fix a car…and to teach me that, you know what I mean, ’cause I ain’t going to break down and ask my buddies.”

Rob on having to work on jumping a dead car:”We actually have to work. We could be f**ked. (Mock horror) We could be gone for days! These would be my last words. Tell my mother I love her. Oh God…what a life!” (he went out like a warrior :*)

Rob on mb20’s musical influence:”A huge influence in the Puff…(laughs an aw shucks I’m so not one of those posseur white/black guys kinda laugh) No, no. But it’s funny, man, because we do dig Puff Daddy. Like we get on the plane and we’ll start turning on the music on the headphones, you know, and Puff comes on. You look around and there’s like 13 of us, band included, waving our hands in the air, digging the Puff…I mean, not to say that Puff’s like a major influence musically or anything…”

Rob on being homeless and now appreciating the good sh!t:”Yeah, you go through something like that and it builds character. I mean your publiscist and your record company, they’re gonna work the homelessness angle. But it’s no an an gle, it’s something I went through…Looking back it wasn’t all bad, there were certain times when it was like man, this is a good f**king time. You know, I was 17 years old doing whatever the f**k I wanted to do. Yeah, it was like I’d be at Burger King and girls would come up to me and say: ‘Hey, you want to go to the beach for a week?’ There was no, ‘Gee, let me think…’ It was like, ‘F**k yeah, I want to go…’ and I’d hop in the car!”

Rob on controversy:”If I have to have controversy, I want to hear that it’s that I f**ked Courtney Love in a bathroom in a texaco in Alabama, or something like that. Something that sounds like fun. The rest of it is no good.”

Rob on “push”:”It’s about a girl who I was in love with for so long who totally manipulated me. I was trying to start a music career and the next thing I know, I’m out doing her lawn and painting her fence and being her houseboy. We’d start pushing each other’s buttons. It was like a game to see who could get the other person more jealous. Tht’s why I wrote it.”–The relationship ended when he cheated on her and the woman gave everything he owned to Goodwill.

Rob on the album’s success:”If I sprouted wings out of my @ss and flew around the room I wouldn’t be any moresurprised.’

Rob introduced back2good like this: “This song is about cheating. And ya know, alot of people ask me, ‘did you really cheat?’ and I say… no…ummm …well, maybe… none of your business! heh heh” then he giggled for a moment. Thanks to Catherine for this cute quote!

Rob on back2good:”For all of you out there that give a sh*t, this next song is my favorite…I know you shouldn’t pick favorites, but f*(k it.”

Rob on Damn:”This is a song about getting laid.”

Rob on Hang:”This is a song about some close friends of mine.”

Rob on Halloween:”Yeah, I thought I would dress up for Halloween but then I realized I don’t have to…I’m the @sshole playing an Elvis guitar.”

Rob on fame:”You can spit shine me all you want, but I’m still the same old piece of tin.”

Rob on why size does matter:”Look at my penis, and fear me.”

What would Rob do if he wasn’t in mb20?:”A flower delivery guy, because everyone you meet is happy to see you. They open the door and they go ‘aahh.. flowers’. Everyone loves you. “

Rob on being Rob:”I’d like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, so I can wear tight pants.”

Rob on being homeless:”It was a lifestyle, I had friends who were in the same situation. We’d wind up sleeping on a bench or with friends whose parents were away. We were into it, really.”

Rob on fans:a fan gave the band a lift, pulled him aside and said she’d remember her few hours with them forever. “I was, like, wow…to have that effect on anybody-it’s really cool-ya know?”

Rob on size again:”Big feet mean…big shoes.”

Rob on his Grammy feelings: “I want the girl from Wu-tang-clan”.

What Rob thought about the Titanic:”It was BIG! BIG! BIG!! BIG!!!! Rich in size baby!”

Rob on the movie Home Alone 3: “This ain’t so bad.”

Rob about “shame”: “This song goes out to the b**ch who gave my clothes to goodwill.”

Kyle Cook

Kyle on critics:”Critics don’t like us because there’s nothing for them to latch onto and write about. No one in the band is dying of a heroin addiction…we’re just out there playing.”

Kyle on Paul: “Paul had way too much to drink last night”

Kyle on song interpretations:”music and lyrics and songs can be a story, they can be a fantasy… They can come from a place that doesn’t exist…”

Kyle: “You know it’s funny, I’ve always been made aware of how brilliant the title is every time I’m walking around a mall or something, where like every door has little “push” sign on it.”

Kyle on being hired for Mb20:”I was hired to play guitar, but I believe that what got me the gig even more was that I sang”

What would Kyle be doing if he wasn’t in the music business?: “The United Parcel Service – I’d be working for them.”

Has Kyle ever had any professional music training?:”I went to the Atlanta Studio of Music, which is like a 1 year school which is based experiece, not really, uh.. scholastic type of stuff so I like it. I always make fun of it when I talk about that school, so I’m just not gonna talk about it!”

Being the best: “We can whine with the best of them.”

“Believe it or not, there are times when space is musical….Bach proved that.”

Sleeping??? *eg*: “I can’t say that I’ve slept with anyone famous”

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Brian Yale

what Brian said to David Letterman: “I got a speeding ticket on the Merritt Parkway too!”

what Brian says to fans:”Stop buying this record so we can go in and make the next one.”

Brian on Rob: “The world’s fifty most beautiful people right here!”

Brian on hugs: “don’t I get a hug?”

Where Brian is going: “Where are we going? To the top! The very top!”

Brian on being sexy:”Do I make you horny, randy, do I turn you on?”

Brian on England:”Yeah, when we came back from England we were talking like, ‘ello mate’..”

Brian on Adams fave animal: “Yeah, it’s a hippo now…he changed it just yesterday.”

Adam Gaynor

Adam on what album he listens to:”I only listen to our record. I can’t get into other artists, I don’t like any other bands. The only reason I joined this unit was because of the music, and damn it if I’m gonna listen to anything but my own album.” 🙂

Adam on killing: “We once killed a man in Denton, Texas. we are not going to say just who killed him, but we all hid the body.”

Adam on Kyle: “Kyle just sings like an angel.”

Adam on fans: “Fans have to respond to the music once it’s on the radio,but if it’s not on the radio,your not going to get it heard”

Adam on fanatic:”The radio bussiness is really political, and really political . there are all these weird games you have to play”

Adam on fame:”Surreal is a word I use very often when I try and explain what the hell is going on with us.”

Adam on success:”It would be easy to get carried away with all this success. But, because we’re a band-a bunch of guys who realy care about each other-we’re pretty level-headed.”

Adam: “George Washington…now he was a big liar. no offense to his family and stuff, but he was a liar.”

Adam:”We don’t want to be in a band that never has anything to say.”

Adam on the faceless band theory:”How we’re gonna combat this (is) by making every single person in the United States love us.”

Happy band: “We’re just going to be the world’s greatest, happiest, nicest, friendliest band, and everybody’s gonna understand that.”

Band maturity: “What we’ve done, really, is matured as a band. We were a band for only about three months before we recorded our first album.”

Paul Doucette

Paul on the internet:”I hate the internet…it scares me.”

Paul on the weirdest thing thrown on stage:”Adam’s grandmother”~~thanks to jennifer for this funny quote

Paul on a CNN: “You can insult us all you want, that’s fine. But if, like, you’re insulting us and seven million people did go buy our record, so are they idiots now?”

Paul on his job: “If I don’t massage Rob’s feet after a show I get fired”

Paul on egos: “Our egos are huge!”

Paul on the band: Rob clutches his sleeve and flails about. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to insult anyone in the band, but Kyle’s got the moves in this band. I was watching our video from the other night and Kyle’s like: “Rock Star!” Kyle’s got a nice ass. That’s the thing that drives Matchbox20, we are striving to have Kyle’s ass.

Paul on the weirdest thing thrown off the stage:”the weirdest thing thrown off stage was Adam”~~thanks to jennifer for this cute quote

What does Paul like?:”when Rob calls me baby.” 🙂

Paul on the girl from Wu-tang-clan:”Yea, she’s a piece.”

Paul on school:”Stay in school, they gots all the good dope.” yes, he’s kidding 🙂

Paul on gangs: “But I’m in a gang…the Apple dumpling gang.”