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Rob Thomas

born February 14, 1972–Valentines day

sorry girls he’s married


shoe size 9 1/2

he is 5’9″

has several tatoos

he has a chipped front tooth (check our photos)

born on a military base in Germany

his middle name is Kelly

he likes to thrift shop

his leather jacket in the push video cost $900 ~~thanks to jennifer for this fact 🙂

his leather jacket in the push video could also have cost $7 ~~from kristen

lost 30 lbs for the push video

did the record in a hour and a half

favorite colors are blue and black

favorite chips are sour cream and onion

favorite drink jack and coke

wants a girl who can fix a car

his favorite animals are puppies and koala bears~thanks to Erika

favorite cartoon character Space ghost or The Tick~~thanks to nikki for these 5 facts :o)~~

doesn’t really care for the internet “The email thing frightens me”

a name that the band was pondering on before they came up with Matchbox 20 was “Joanie loves Chachie” ~~thanks to katie for this 🙂 ~~

ran away at 17 but called his mom to tell her how he was

likes Ani Di Franco-also Elvis Coatello, James Brown, Al Greene, and Elton John

Willie Nelson is a huge influence on him 😉

Wrote most of his songs while sitting on exit ramps very early in the morning

he loves to drink Coke (check my pics of him)

cut his arm while chained to the wall filming the “Push” video(from VH1)

paints his own nails

the universal question–boxers or briefs? “NOTHING…WE’RE FREE BABY!” [ Woohoo more power to you *lol* ]

“my heather” on cd cover was his ex-girlfriend

favorite song on the cd is “Kody”

favorite song to perform is Back2Good

he has a pic of Elvis on his guitar…go see them in concert and look at his guitar–it’s so cute =0)

was in Tabitha’s Secret with Paul and Brian


Kyle Cook

orry girls…he’s married & has a child

born August 29, 1975

first name is David

he is a Virgo

shoe size 11 1/2

he swaps clothes with Adam on tour

He got his first guitar on his 13th birthday

he’s from Frankfort, Indiana

lived in Indiana and went to Frankfort HS

graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music

when he heard 3am he knew he had to be in matchbox 20

he was the last person to join mb20

he joined the band when he was 19 or 20

he says he can cook as good as Rob

in concert he sings “Hang” with Rob

he smokes camel hard pack

fav. song on the album is Girl like that

if he wasn’t a musican he would be a ups guy

favorite song on Mad Season is “The Burn”

loves the Beatles *check out his cover of “Don’t let me down” in our mp3 section*

wrote the song “Happy” *check it out in our mp3 section*
~thanks go to Erika for the 3 facts above! *s*


if you guys have any other facts…feel free to email us!

Brian Yale

born November 14, 1969

says he doesn’t like the letter–y

he is a Scorpio

shoe size 9 1/2

his favorite movie is Mars Attacks

the other matchsticks call him “pookie” (don’t ask)

he is the most “interesting” matchstick-he’s a cutie

likes to quote from the movie Austin Powers “Do I make you horny, baby?”

quotes tons of things from Saturday Night Live
does great impressions of the 2 pimping, head-banging,club-hopping dudes

was in Tabitha’s Secret with Rob and Paul

does great impressions of Mr. Bean

favorite song on Mad Season is “Bed of Lies”
we worship Brian…he is the best matchstick

Adam Gaynor

born November 26, 1964


shoe size 13

he’s 6’2″

allergic to dogs =(

likes to drink apple juice

doesn’t have a middle name

he taught himself how to play the guitar

writes the “postcards from the road” on the matchbox 20 site

loves computers and the internet (go adam–yeah!!)

he is Jewish

his nickname is “hashbrown” –interesting

Matt Serletic got Adam into the band

Adam is a neat freak

if he could tour with anyone-he’d tour with Jimi Hendrix (what, not Jim Morrison?)

he is the only matchstick that doesn’t smoke =)

some facts from take a sip of mb20
Paul Doucette

born August 22, 1972

he is a Leo

shoe size 8

he’s 5’5″

right now paul is with Moon Zappa~~thanks again to jennifer

he dyes his hair often

Paul’s hair is blonde right now, it was blue~~thanks to jennifer

loves R.E.M. (he told our radio station that he’s gonna be the replacement drummer =D )

Paul hates the internet (he told me, “I don’t trust the internet…it scares me”)

came up with the name matchbox 20

Paul and Rob might form another band, a country band, called Mildred

the “Real World” video was mostly or all of Paul’s idea~~thanks to jennifer for these great facts 🙂

was in Tabitha’s Secret with Rob and Brian


1) dogs

2) Mohar sweaters

3) Claire Danes “I love her and someday she’ll be mine!”

4) smoking

5) drinking

6) when Rob calls me baby =0)

7) The Old ’97s

8) people who smoke, sell smoke, inhale smoke, like to look at smoke

9) Australia

10) dogs (yes, he listed dogs twice…a dog lover!!)

Paul doesn’tplay the drums on Hang. This is because of a series of events-One morning hewoke up with a mild/almost strong headache and happened to notice thathe couldn’t see out of one eye. He went to consult a doctor about whatwas going on and it happened that he had suffered a minor stroke. Thiscaused him to miss the practice or rehearsal or SOMETHING like that forthe song, Hang (i think it was when they had recorded it in the studio)and so he doesn’t even bother to play it for fear of messing up on thebeat.~~{thanks for this fact from Jess!}~~