let’s see how far we’ve come

If you’re interested in how this all began, here we go!

The story started with my dad who drove my sister and me to tons of concerts all around Texas…the time and energy he devoted to our insanity was amazing & never once did he complain (thanks dad–we love you)!!  Because of all these concerts we had lots of photos, we just didn’t know what to do with all of them.  So I decided to start this site so that my sister and I could share our concert experiences and photos with other fans.

Argue til 3am was born and has been on the internet since 1996. I grew up a lot while making this website – I had ups, such as meeting great mb20 friends, and downs, by encountering super trolls. But all together it has been a wonderful experience.

This site wouldn’t have been possible if matchbox 20 hadn’t written such touching songs for YOSLY or been so incredibly sweet towards their fans during the time period of 1996-1998.    Being a fan since ’96 we  witnessed matchbox twenty’s evolution from being sweet to their fans to indifferent/rude.  This and other issues changed us from being fanatics to casual listeners.

Over time, the only reason I kept maintaining the site was because I love music, concerts and web development so much! I’ve now had this site up for so long, and I’ve invested so much time and passion into Argue til 3am that I could never throw it all away.

Who would have thought this site would still be going after all these years….look how far we’ve come!