I can’t even express how much fun we had meeting Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery & David Della Rocco!  Our first day before ComicPalooza had even started, we ran into them at Starbucks – they were very nice to us and that made us so happy!  Sean has a great memory and remembered us from Austin and chatted with us.

[Not a valid template]Clifton Collins Jr. was the only one that wouldn’t even look up from his phone.  He told us that we would have to pay for a photo at the con instead.  Now, before anyone jumps in and says something – I’m not knocking him – that’s his right to do – we had already mentioned that we were looking forward to seeing them inside and getting their autos.  He was just kinda rude…it made have been a bad day for him, but it wasn’t a nice experience for us.  Oh well…the others were a blast!