proof of castiel/dean.  very cool videos i saw on youtube.  u can’t deny it 😉

seriously?!  these are the only options that buddy tv sees?  how about cas slowly turning human and him having to deal with this?  plus–they are acting like we all can’t see what’s really going on.  we all know cas and dean are together!


The season 6 renewal for Supernaturalis great news for fans who want more Sam and Dean action, but perhaps the biggest open question is: what about Cas?  The show’s resident angel has a contract through the end of season 5, but currently his future with Supernaturalis in doubt.
Fans may love the trench coat-sporting angel played by Misha Collins, but if the Apocalypse storyline is wrapped up, would the angel still be a part of season 6?  Right now, I see three distinct possibilities for how Supernatural can handle the impending Cas problem.

Cas Lives On

Despite coming to the end of the Apocalypse story, Cas could stick around as Sam and Dean’s guardian angel, popping in whenever they need help, essentially becoming another Bobby.  However, if he keeps his angel powers, there’s always the underlying fact that the Heaven story arc is still active and open.

No More Cas

Sadly, what’s best for Supernatural may be worst for fans of Misha Collins.  If the show really wants to get back to basics and return to a more intimate story about the brothers’ relationship, there’s no alternative to killing or permanently getting rid of Cas.  In order for Supernatural to have a fresh start in season 6, the show needs to have a massive angel purge, and that includes the awesome Cas.  The only thing that might prevent the show from going this direction is the fact that Misha Collinshas become a part of the Supernatural family and the producers may find it too difficult to drop him.

So which way do you want Supernatural to go with Cas in season 6?  Source:  buddy tv